It Snowed.

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And that can only mean two things.

I put on my first pair of socks since last Spring.


And the kids were outside in freezing weather by 9:00am.  I love the freedom homeschooling offers this way.

They love it, too.

playingPlease excuse the giant gloves and sock mittens in this picture.  The kids were in such a rush to get outside they couldn’t wait for last year’s mittens, hats, and gloves to be washed.  We grabbed what we could find and headed out the door.  Where they….

snowballmade snowballs and…

snow angela snow angel.  They also…

playingmade up a game to play.  And finally, they…

cutelooked cute as ever.

so sweetI do not love snow.  I do not love cold weather.  I do not like having to wear socks and shoes outside.  I’m a flip-flops girl.  Just ask anyone who knows me.  But, in Illinois, it snows.  That’s why we’re thinking about moving to Texas where they had summer weather on Thanksgiving.

Just kidding.

We are thinking about moving there someday, but not because of the weather.  For now, though, we are here and we’ll enjoy the snow while it lasts.  We have kids, after all!  We have no choice.   :-)

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