Frugal Friday: My bad money habit

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Today, for Frugal Friday, the question was asked, “What is your bad money habit?”  I know right away what my answer to that is, and it’s something that you’d think someone as frugal as me would have in check.


Can you believe it?  It was my goal for 2010 to stay on budget, but I’ve never quite made it.  I mean I’ve written the budget out and discussed it with my husband, but we just haven’t been able to implement it successfully yet.  The reason is partly because our income has fluctuated so much in the last three years.  There have been times where we’ve had money to spare at the end of the month, and times where we have struggled to keep our heads above water (God has been faithful each and every one of those times, though).

At the moment…God is sustaining us.  He is providing for us each month and the bills are being paid.  No, there isn’t much money left over at the moment, but we are making it, everyone has everything they need, and we know that sometime this year (Lord willing), our financial situation is going to change and we will have more funds available to breath and allow us to really stay on a budget….even save money!  That would be a nice change!  We are actually hoping to have our car paid off by the end of March, and that will allow for a lot more breathing room!  I can’t wait!

But anyway, being unable to stay on a budget is my “bad money habit.”

Do you have a “bad money habit?”  Have you been able to make a budget work for your family?

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2 Responses to “Frugal Friday: My bad money habit”

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  1. Kristen S says:

    I would have to agree with you! I am pretty sure I made it a 2010 goal to get on and stay on a budget. We went through the whole Dave Ramsey thing, and I am still clueless….not to make excuse, but I do agree that having a fluctuating income makes budgeting very difficult. We have been dealing with that ever since my husband went into business for himself, and its not easy…. hang in there, and perhaps by 2012, we’ll both be saving money, paying off cars and feel good about our budget!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Hi Sandra!
    We have a hard time with “sticking” to our budget, as well. Being self employed, my income can vary alot. I wish that we didn’t count on my income… but we do!

    I really like your blog! I’ll be back!

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