Week 7 Weight Loss Update

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Weight Loss JourneyOkay, time for the weekly update on how much weight I’ve lost.  This week’s weight came in at 217 lbs., so, I lost 1.5 lbs. from last week! Altogether, in seven weeks, I’ve lost 11.5 lbs., and I’ll well on my way to losing my goal of 50 lbs. this year.

I’ve been exercising steadily 2 times per week at the school’s fitness center for 1.5 hours each time I’m there. I mainly walk on the treadmill and ride the bike so that I can read. I usually spend the first 30-40 minutes reading my Bible, and lately I’ve been reading a school book for the remainder of the time because I’m being eaten alive by how much reading some of my classes require.

This week, I’m also going to get back to exercising with Ruben in the mornings. It’s going to be us, some weights, and a Biggest Loser DVD. Fun!

Overall, I’m encouraged at my weight loss thus far, but I’d really like to be losing two pounds a week instead of one. I know part of my problem is that I  have a homemade frappe almost every day. That most certainly has something to do with it. I’ve tossed around the idea of putting the frappe machine away up high so that when the thought crosses my mind to have a frappe because the frappe machine is out of reach, I’ll just say, “nevermind….

I’m not there yet, though.

I need my frappes. Perhaps I’ll try to have one every OTHER day only. Hmmm….we’ll see if I can do that this week. 😉

Check out my first ever Blogger reDesign!

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Trusting His Perfect Plan

I’m so excited to share my very first Blogger blog redesign with you guys. I did it for my friend, Elisabeth, of Trusting His Perfect Plan. Elisabeth blogs about her family life and raising her two precious boys, one of which has special needs. It was a pleasure working with Elisabeth, and I’m forever thankful to her for allowing me to redesign her blog. In doing so, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing in Blogger, and I now feel more confident than ever about opening up shop and taking on clients who’d like their Blogger blogs redesigned. Please head on over to Elisabeth’s blog to take a peek for yourself!

I also wanted to mention again that I’ll be hosting another blog design giveaway on March 14th when I officially start taking design orders.

Week 6 Weight Loss Update

I’m going to give just a quick update this week on my weight loss because I’m not at home (I’m doing the web design program today.  It’s thankfully ending tomorrow.  I’m glad because this has been a tough month for my children with me having been gone more than usual. David has been acting especially […] Read more »