Frugal Friday: Free fun at home

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Free fun

We have what is considered a semi-large family nowadays (although we’re small fries compared to the larger families in our church!), and with four kids, we have to think of creative ways to have fun at home – away for all electronic devices. We don’t have a surplus of money to make costly family outings at the moment, so, we have to be creative with what we have…..a front yard, a backyard, and lots of imagination.

paper airplanes

On windy days, we make paper airplanes and try to keep them out of the neighbor’s fenced yard.

paper airplanes

On sunny days, the kids ride the outside toys we’ve been blessed with.

outside ride


We also do things like:

:: play tag

:: spin in circles

:: write with chalk

:: use play doh outside

:: keep a bag filled with outside toys

:: blow bubbles

:: ride scooters

:: take walks

:: make up silly games

These things are fun, frugal, and they makes us happy. Most of all, I am reminded of my own childhood, and the many adventures I had playing outside. I remember baseball in the backyard, kick-ball, and mud-pies, and I’m thankful that my children can have the same kind of experiences that I did – away from Wii, iPods, and computers.

What do you do that’s fun and frugal at home with your kids?

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2 Responses to “Frugal Friday: Free fun at home”

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  1. Patty says:

    I just have to say that first, I’m very proud of the way you and Ruben are raising the kids, You guys truly let the kids be kids and work hard to keep all the elements out of their lives that these days “cause kids to grow up” way to fast! Second…I just love the pictures of David, he just has the cutest, cheesiest smile. He’s adorable:)

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks, Mama! I know sometimes people think we’re weird for the way we do things, but God has given us these children and we want to do all that we can to raise them for Him. :)

      I’m sorry you didn’t get to see David a lot yesterday. He actually stayed asleep from the time he fell asleep when you were here til this morning. :-) Happy about that! Otherwise, we could have ended up with a very late night yesterday.

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