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Our day started out as a typical Tuesday for us. We woke up, got ready, and headed to Chick-fil-A for their free breakfast on Tuesdays (it was chicken minis this week). The kids got to play in the play room for a bit after breakfast, and then we headed back to the car to drop Ruben off at a meeting he had to be at.

While Ruben was at the meeting, we headed to the library to drop off books and pick out new ones. And I made sure to give David and Isaac a little time to use up some energy in the play area of the library. Isaac busied himself with a puzzle while David wandered around mostly looking at the other children that were there.

After the library, we went to pick up Ruben then briefly stopped off at the grocery store to order a birthday cake and headed for home.

I had a doctor’s appointment later this afternoon, so, around 1:30pm, we packed into the car and headed for my appointment. I could have gone by myself, but the kids needed to GET OUT of the house, so, we decided they’d have a late lunch with Ruben while I went to my appointment.

Everything was going routine with my appointment until it was time to check for the baby’s heartbeat. The doctor couldn’t find it, and after several minutes, she decided to bring in a nurse to try. Nothing. And then finally, something very faint for a couple of seconds.

The doctor wasn’t satisified, so we headed for another room where a quick ultrasound could be done. She found the heartbeat a couple of seconds and it looked fine, but then found it again for a longer period of time, and it seemed to be beating slower than it should be. Again, the doctor didn’t like the look of that and didn’t want to leave me unsure, so she ordered a formal ultrasound.

The only thing was that the ultrasound wasn’t scheduled to be done until 6pm. That gave me some time to think and reflect. What if there really was something wrong? What if the baby wasn’t doing well inside of me?

I could not help but think and come to the conclusion that this child inside of me isn’t mine at all. He or she belongs to the Lord, and the Lord is in control over everything. Everything. I had no need to worry. And so I didn’t. God is in control.

I had the ultrasound done, and thankfully, the baby’s heartbeat was normal. So, I go on with this pregnancy with my trust in God, and I’m ever so thankful to Him for the positive news I received that the baby is fine.

I get to look forward to another ultrasound in 4 weeks without worry.

And that was our day.

P.S. I did ask the ultrasound technician if she could tell if the baby was a boy or girl. She couldn’t. Shucks!

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  1. phew! i would have at least freaked out for 3 minutes and then remember who’s in conrol! girl, you are good…good for you!!!! :)

  2. Patty Rivas says:

    So happy to see you blogging again:)
    Though reading your post was not easy, I was getting getting really sad and worried for you. But, you said it well, the Lord is in control and I believe he will take great care of our little one growing in there:)
    Hope today is alot less eventful for you.

    Love You, Mama

  3. Gini says:

    Goodness, Sandra! Praise God that the baby is fine, mom is fine and the Lord IS in control! You did a wonderful job of turning this over to Him. We are praying for you and your baby-

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