Latest Design Project: Breanna’s Creations

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My daughter has been asking me to design a new blog for her for a longtime now. I finally finished up the design for her today, and you can see it live by going to

When designing for my daughter, I *tried* not to take over the project and infuse all of my ideas, but it’s hard. :-) I did let Breanna have input, though, since it’s her blog and all.

I do think it turned out great!

I even made her a cute little button. Breanna will be blogging about crafts she does, kid-friendly recipes, and, of course, her Lego creations.

It was a pleasure working with you, Breanna.

Losing the Baby Fat Weight Loss Update

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Last week was a pretty good week as far as my eating went.

I lost .5 lbs., overall.

And I’m happy with that.

I’m down to 213.5 lbs., and that means I’ve finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight at 3.5 months post-partum! Not too bad. It’s something to celebrate. Now to get to my pre-firstborn-child weight. That’s a challenge. :-)

I have been more stressed out lately, which isn’t healthy, but I am working on trying to use my time more wisely and simplify as we organize the move to Georgia.

I do need to continue to work on spending more time on the treadmill. Just getting on the treadmill is a victory right now, so I’m not being hard on myself if I don’t work out for 30 minutes every time I step on the treadmill. My biggest challenge with the treadmill right now is that usually someone needs something within the first 5 minutes of me getting on, which results in me getting off of the treadmill.

The calorie counting is going so well that I can hardly believe I’m still doing it. I want to make it a habit though, so I’m keeping it up.

We are headed to take the kids to Chuck e Cheese today. David wants to use some of his birthday money there. It’s his favorite place right now. We almost always go early on a weekday, so the place is nearly empty and the kids have free reign to play. I do like that we can get lunch, plenty of tokens, and prizes for 4 kids for less than $25, because we can use multiple coupons there.

Back on track, though, here’s how I’m doing in terms of my weight loss goal:

Current Weight: 213.5 lbs.

Goal Weight: 170 lbs.

# of total pounds I want to lose in 2012: 50lbs.

# of pounds to go until I reach my goal: 43.5 lbs.

Total # of pounds lost to date: 6.5 lbs.

Have a great week!