A Quick Update

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Hi guys,

I just wanted to post a quick update to let you know that I’ll be back to blogging soon. I’ve been out of town (actually out of state) in Georgia! Because I’ve been away and this trip was pretty much planned on the fly, I feel behind on EVERYTHING. :-)

I know I’ll get caught up soon. I just wanted to post an update for everyone. And for those who have emailed me, I will be returning those emails soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures we took on our trip. One big highlight was seeing GREEN grass this time of year! The weather in Georgia is much different than the weather here in Illinois, for sure!

Georgia flower

Beautiful Georgia flower.

Green grass!

My dinosaur lover, Isaac, would love to visit this place one day.

We planned to stop in Scottsburg, Indiana on our way to Georgia on our first night on the road. We had no idea that Scottsburg, IN was so close to the town that was devastated by tornados the day before we left on our trip. We took pictures from the highway as we passed Henryville, IN. Truly devastating.

The military was there to help those affected by the tornado. We saw lots of military vehicles.

Indiana windmills.

It was a long car ride – about 13 hours plus plenty of stops.

At our hotel in Georgia. We had to stay in a suite to fit our crew of seven.

We LOVED the beautiful Georgia weather!

I’m planning on sharing more about our trip soon and the reason why we were there. :-)

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  1. Gini says:

    We’re so glad you have returned safely, and look forward to hearing about the adventure!
    I am sure that God used you all to pray for the families devastated by the tornado – and praise Him that you weren’t in the area when it hit!

    And…. look out mom- you’ve got two children that are getting pretty close to passing you up in height! :-)


    • Sandra says:

      Hi Gini,

      We were very thankful not be have left one day earlier when the tornado hit. I’m still praying for those affected. How devastating.

      And yes, the kids are almost as tall as I am. It doesn’t help that I’m not even 5’2. :-) I’m predicting that Nathan will pass me up in the next year or so.

      Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  2. Erin @ My Mommy World says:

    I was wondering why I haven’t seen anything from you in a while!

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Erin,

      Yes, blogging was somewhat nonexistent on our trip! But I did manage to write this post on the last night in our hotel. :-)

  3. Shelly says:

    What wonderful pictures. Looks like your having a great trip. The weather in your pictures looks like our weather today. We had a very warm and sunny day nice to have instead of sunshine.


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