How to Make Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub (Video)

It’s been busy around our home with two of my sons, along with my mom, celebrating birthdays this month. But on Sunday evening, I finally got around to filming a video on how to make peppermint sugar body scrub. You might remember this recipe from the post I shared it in here. In addition to […] Read more »

The Latest YouTube Videos on Fun Playtime Reviews

I have five new videos to share with you, including a fun video that incorporates a bunch of different Toads. In the video, they’re showing off their dance moves, and they end up at Disney World. But first, here are a few YouTube-related things I’ve observed: YouTube often doesn’t update views, subscriber counts, and even […] Read more »

10 Goals for the Week

I decided not to post new goals last week. The main reason being is that I needed a break from a few of my regular goals, and I wanted to go through my schedule/calendar and look for things I could cut back on or cut out to make more time to create, edit & schedule […] Read more »