Why I want to attend SoFabCon: An Amazing Conference for Bloggers

Why I want to attend #SoFabCon14 #CollectiveBias #LuvSoFab14

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend SoFabCon 2013. It’s a blog conference organized by Collective Bias, so that bloggers have the opportunity to connect with brands, learn from their representatives, and master how to become highly-skilled professional bloggers.

We made the trip to Arkansas to attend the conference a family road trip, and it was a lot of fun. Ruben took care of the kids while I attended sessions and did some networking. In between sessions, I’d head to our hotel room to nurse Elisabeth, and hang out for a little while before the next session.

During one break, I even prepared a meal for my family. I was working on a campaign for Collective Bias and created these super easy chicken sandwiches:

chicken sandwich recipe

Prepared and photographed in our SoFabCon hotel room. :)

All that to say, I’d love to attend SoFabCon again this year.

Why? Because first and foremost, it’s an outstanding conference. Collective Bias ‘gets’ bloggers AND brands. This is so incredibly important, if blogging is more than a hobby for you, and you consider it your career.

Secondly, I need to get away. Life has been rough these past six months because of David’s illness, and I’d love just a few days to be able to slip away to a place where I know SO MANY of the people who’ll be there. My favorite part of the conference last year was meeting new people and getting to know them and their blogs.

SoFabCon = The best place for networking among bloggers

What Attending SoFabCon This Year Would Mean to Me
Going to Bentonville, Arkansas to the Social Fabric Conference would mean a time of refreshing for me. It would mean that I’d get to spend time with people who understand what I do in this online space. It would also mean that I’d have time away from home, by myself. I need a little of that right now.

What the Experience Would Empower Me to do Afterward
If you do pretty much anything online, you know that things change. This is definitely true when it comes to blogging. There are new things to be learned and new opportunities out there.

Going to SoFabCon would give me the tools I need to be a better blogger and business owner. It would enable me to become a more fabulous Social Fabric member, and the experience might even push me just a little further out of my introverted shell. ;)

I’d love to attend SoFabCon 2014!

#CollectiveBias is giving six bloggers the opportunity to win a trip to #SoFabCon14. This post is my entry, and I’m entering because I #LuvSoFab14.

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A Tablet That Fits into My Work-at-Home Mom Life – The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper
insights study for Collective Bias®  and their client.

A Tablet that Fits into Your Work-at-Home Mom Life - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 #IntelTablets #shop #cbias

I’m a work-at-home mom.

Technically, I also work from the library when I need to get away and write or design without a baby on my lap or a little person needing me. Those days, I’ll go to the library and check out a room, so that I can have peace and quiet and just write, return emails, check social media, and do the other things I need to do to keep this little online business of ours moving forward.

Even in the midst of all that’s going on with David, I still have to work, and I’ve been lugging around my crazy-heavy laptop bag filled with everything I need to work while I’m sitting in the emergency room again or spending time with David during another hospital stay.

Decisions, decisions…
I finally decided to stop the madness and get a tablet (for myself), so that I don’t always have to lug around a cumbersome laptop bag.

We trust Best Buy and have made several device purchases there in the past (plus I’m a fan of their warranty program), so we headed there to check out tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 caught my eye. It has a powerful Intel processor (just what I need), and it’s sleek and lightweight, which I love.

A Tablet that Fits into Your Work-at-Home Mom Life - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 #IntelTablets #shop #cbias

The Best Buy Experience
The employees at Best Buy were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable when it came to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. They answered all of my questions, and explained the benefits of owning an Android tablet. They made me feel confident about my decision, and I walked away a happy customer.

A Tablet that Fits into Your Work-at-Home Mom Life - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 #IntelTablets #shop #cbias

How I Use the Tab 3
Now that I’m officially a tablet owner, I’ve stopped lugging around my laptop bag every.single.time. we go to the hospital. David had 8 appointments (yes, EIGHT) to go to this past week, and instead of bringing my laptop with me, I left it and simply slipped my tablet into my purse to take along on our adventures.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Features #shop

Whether I’m at home or in a waiting room, I can write posts and manage my blog on my tablet.

A Tablet that Fits into Your Work-at-Home Mom Life - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 #IntelTablets #shop #cbias

I also use it to check email and social media, listen to my favorite radio station, take pictures, and I even allowed my kids to install ONE game app on it. ;)

A Tablet that Fits into Your Work-at-Home Mom Life - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 #IntelTablets #shop #cbias

In the past, I’ve ever-so-carefully placed my laptop on the treadmill, so that I could walk and work at the same time. I love that I can now easily do the same things I did with my laptop on the treadmill but instead use my lightweight and portable tablet.

A Tablet that Fits into Your Work-at-Home Mom Life - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 #IntelTablets #shop #cbias

Across-the-board, I feel like this tablet is just what I need to be more productive as I juggle being a work-at-home mom with all of my other responsibilities. I know I’ll be using it a lot over the next few months, and I may even use it to create videos to share with you when David is in the hospital next month.

Yes, I do think this tablet will become my new supertool.

A Tablet that Fits into Your Work-at-Home Mom Life - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 #IntelTablets #shop #cbias

Have you ever used a tablet? In what ways do you think it could streamline an area of your life?

Learn More & Be Social
You can learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 at Best Buy & receive Best Buy updates when you follow them on Twitter.

You can also stay up-to-date with Intel when you follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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