My One Word for 2013: Productive

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Have you chosen your one word for 2013?

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve enjoyed reading posts from other women at the start of each new year, where they choose one word to really focus on in the new year. They choose a word like JOY, CONTENTMENT, FAITH, etc… Then they pray, work hard, and strive to see their ‘one word’ become a reality in their every day life.

My word for 2013 is, Productive.

I need to be more productive. I know this may seem like an absolute shock to people who know me. 😉

But the truth is, I have Type A ambitions (lots of them…more than I can count),  but I totally do not have a Type A personality. I’m definitely a very easy-going Type B personality. There’s no way around this fact. Just ask my husband.

I’m Type B, and I’ve come to accept that. :) Unfortunately, though, because I tend to be so easy-going, I find myself putting important things off and waiting until the last minute to get things done. Instead of doing what needs to be done, I find myself getting distracted by other easier things to do…things that don’t require a lot of brain power (and I check my email way too often).

I’m going to cut myself a little slack, because I do have five kids. And one of the five, my almost-four-year-old, is really crazy difficult all day long sometimes.

But the bottom line is that when I do have a chance to be on the computer (without little hands tapping on my keyboard or turning the power off), I don’t always use my time wisely. And when I have the chance to go to bed early, I stay up late. Both of these habits have hampered my productivity, and they need to change.

And in order to change, I need to focus. More specifically, I need to focus on one word.


Productive. Productive. Productive…

Have you chosen one word to focus on in 2013? Have you done this in the past? 

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11 Responses to “My One Word for 2013: Productive”

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  1. Shelly says:

    Hi Sandra,
    My one word for this year is persist. Some of my year long goals are things I have given up on before and so this is the word I needed to have this year. Even if I don’t fully reach my year long goals just the fact that I stuck with them all year instead of giving up will be progress. So when I feel like giving up on something I am changing all I have to do is see my little graphic on my desktop to encourage me to keep going. This is the first year I have picked a word for the year so it is something new for me.

    Your word is a great choice. There are so many things that can suck up our time if we are not careful and not necessarily the best things. I can relate to a little one who can be difficult and some days I feel like I am just spinning my wheels and getting nothing done. I will be praying for you to be more productive each day.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Shelly! Persist is a great word to focus on throughout the year! Great idea to have that graphic on your desktop as a reminder, too. I know there are a lot of things I’ve started that had I persisted – could have been good.

      Thank you for your prayers; I’ll be praying for us throughout the year to stay focused on our ‘one words.’

  2. Patty says:

    Sandra, I’ve been thinking a lot about my word for this year, and I really feel like God keeps whispering the word intentional in my ear, time and time again. With the craziness and trials of the past year, I have let so many things go, and feel like it’s time to take those things back. I want to be more intentional in so many areas, in caring for myself, my family, my homeschool, you name it! And because I feel God has given me this word, I have faith that he will give me what I need to see it through! I’m so inspired by you and your faithfulness to do what you’re called to do!

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Patty! Intentional is a great word to focus on this year. I think when we are not intentional, we miss a lot of opportunities where the Lord can use and grow us. But sometimes…with kids…it’s hard to be intentional, especially in the midst of trials, which I know you’ve been going through.

      But I’m glad to see your perseverance in this, Patty! You’re inspiring me to be more intentional! I’m specifically going to focus on being more intentional in homeschooling this year. I want to be a bit more hands on with the older kids, and I need to get the younger boys into a school routine.

      I’ll be praying for us as we seek to honor the Lord with our ‘one words.’

  3. Productive is the word I need to have for 2013! I can only pray that I get there. Thanks for the one word posting!

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Christia! I can totally relate. Being productive is not one of my strong points at the moment. These days I feel like life is crazy when I want it to be sane and calm. I think if I focus on being productive and actually get more done, I’ll feel less stressed and a million times better. I’m hoping that’s the case anyway.

      So I’ll keep on whispering that word to myself all year long…productive, productive, productive…

  4. Adrian says:

    I’ve noticed something about me. The way for me to be more productive is to have more on my plate. When I’m super busy, I kick it into overdrive and become so much more productive, but when things are slow and I don’t have a lot going on, I turn into a real slug. It’s the difference between coming into work and thinking “I HAVE to do this, this and this” vs. “Well, I COULD do this, this, or this”.

    I work with clients on clutter coaching and I was working with a client this week and she was having this problem because she would get up and piddle around, not get dressed until late, and then spend a lot of her time poking around the Internet. Instead we agreed that she would get up, get dressed, and set a work period of an hour and a half before she was “allowed” to get on the internet. I just got an Email from her that she has done 5 hours worth of decluttering over the last two days and is feeling very proud of herself! I was thrilled that I had helped her make such a big difference.

    • Sandra says:

      Way to go, Adrian! I’m sure your client is very happy to have hired you. :) And I have the same problem that you have, I tend to put things off until I HAVE TO do them, which isn’t good.

      I have to focus on being productive and getting things done BEFORE I get to that “I have to do this or I’m going to miss a deadline” point.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! You comment definitely encouraged me, and reinforced what I need to be doing to be more productive.

  5. Hey there, I first did a one word resolution in 2010 (celebrate) and I loved it! Last year I had a theme ‘Raise your Game’ which was awesome and I more than lived that out.

    This year, I’ve gone back to the one-word and for me it kicks off on myy birthday this week (I tend to feel that’s the real start to my New Year) and that word is ‘Sparkle’.

    I chose something fun, vivacious and playful because that’s the side of myself and my life I would like to get back to. Last year was a game-changer but hard work and I finished with a bit of a health crash that I’m still recovering from.

    So now I’m taking it easy and making little steps towards bringing more Sparkle into my life. Really enjoying your blog BTW, came via SITS x

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I think ‘Sparkle’ is a fun ‘one word’ to focus on for 2013! :)

      I’m glad to hear that you are recovering from your health crash. That’s wonderful! I pray you’ll continue to recover and have a great year.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Dear Sandra,

    Thanks for all the posts. I just want to say, you have blessed me so much. I have always looked out for a blog that talks about family in such a simple way you do your thing.

    I am so blessed to see your one word of the year 2013. You have helped me also think through what would be my one word of the year 2013, note in the middle of the year!!! This is hilarious!!!

    Just love your blog.

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