10 Goals for the Week

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10 Goals to Tackle This Week

I missed updating and posting my goals last week. I did pretty well with getting my previous goals accomplished (thanks to adding them to my calendar), but I’m going to start fresh this week. :)

Here are my goals for this week:

Family/Mothering Goals:

1. Cook with Isaac and David

2. Continue taking Nathan and Breanna with me to the library — We’re trying out a new routine. My two oldest kids and I head to the library 3-4 days a week for 2-3 hours at a time. They do schoolwork, and I work. So far, I’m loving this new system. I think this will definitely work for our family long term.

Personal Goals:

3. Drink juice 2 days this week

4. Read 10 pages of the book Desperate

5. Walk on the treadmill 4 days for at least 30 minutes each time

Home Management Goals:

6. Unpack one box

7. Clip coupons that continue to pile up

Business Goals:

8. Work on projects

9. Return emails

10. Write 4 blog posts

What are your goals for this week?

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6 Responses to “10 Goals for the Week”

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  1. Sarah says:

    You’re like super woman. I couldn’t even think of clipping coupons these days.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Sarah! Well, I decided to get a newspaper subscription for the purpose of clipping coupons, and I’ve done a little here and there. I have to clip the coupons this week to prove to myself that I need to keep this subscription and it’s actually going to save me money.

      Plus I keep feeling silly going to the grocery store knowing that I don’t have a single coupon clipped that I can use to save money. They’re all sitting at home…inching closer to their expiration dates. Lol.

  2. Shelly says:

    I have my inserts in a pile that I need to file away. I do try to clip out the coupons that I know I will use and then file the rest away. I think I need to do some filing today. :) Before our company arrives this weekend.

    I hope you have a productive week.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Shelly, thanks for sharing how you organize your coupons. I’m trying to save more at the grocery store, so I really need to get to clipping and putting away my coupons. I’m thinking of having my daughter help me in this area, too. :)

      • Shelly says:

        Sandra, do you clip all of the coupons and then put them away in like a binder system? or do you clip just what you normally purchase and keep the rest in the insert just in case you need them for a sale? Just curious. I am always interested in how people organize their coupons.

        • Sandra says:

          Hi Shelly, I used to use a binder system a long time ago, but it was too time consuming after awhile. Now I go through the inserts and clip the coupons I think we’ll use and throw away the rest.

          My problem is then putting them away. Instead of a binder, I now use two three coupon holders (not sure what the proper name is but sort of like index card holders). I’ve used one for my food coupons, one for my non-food coupons, and one for my store coupons.

          Then I put them all into a “coupon bag.” :) This way, the coupons are easier to find whether I’m looking for food, household item coupons, or say a Target store coupon. This system has worked for me for awhile, I just need to get back to putting my coupons in their proper storage places so that I can take them to the store with me.

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